• Black Belt Leadership/ Instructor Certification

    Leaders are not born, they are made. For that reason, the 5 PEAKS Leadership/ Instructor Certification Program is specifically designed to develop motivated students into becoming Black Belt Leaders and Certified Black Belt Instructors. Whether you want to become an instructor, assist in class, or just want to learn the fundamental skills of a Black Belt Leader, this program has got it!

    *Must be enrolled in a Black Belt Program.

  • BodyShok Kickboxing

    BodyShok is an aggressive executive fitness and performance kickboxing program. It is designed for individuals who are serious about getting into, and maintaining, incredible shape. The design gives absolute beginners the perfect first step to get started. If you have training experience and are ready to push it, then BodyShok will guide you toward your success. BodyShok is a full-body workout. It’s a fiesty combinations of punching, kicking, combos, plyometrics, and body weight training. The workout is managed by your output so absolutely anyone can jump into a workout and make it to the end. You’ll leave smoked and come back stronger! *Always consult your physician before you begin a new fitness program.

    ​*Must be 18

  • Private Lessons

    Nothing can surpass the value of training in a Class setting. However, there are times when you may need additional instruction in order to accomplish your goals. Private Lessons are a fantastic way to-

    1- Catch up on Class Material toward your next Rank.
    2- Receive additional or individual based Instruction towards a Personal Goal.
    3- Receive Training that may not be appropriate in a Standard Class Environment. (For Example)
    a- Women’s Self Defense Scenarios
    b- Law Enforcement/ Military Training
    ​c- 3rd Party Personal Protection

  • 5 Peaks Competition Team

    The Competition Team is open to ALL 5PEAKS students. You don’t have to be a super athlete to be a member of the Team. The only requirement is that you are hungry to work hard and willing to give your absolute best. Our Team is based on being a family. Our parents help by coaching, warming up, and encouraging our athletes during competitions.

    No one stands alone. The Competition Team is lead by seasoned National and World Champions. We know exactly what it takes to be a champion. When it comes to training our athletes for the season, there is no guesswork involved. From our Pre Season training straight through to Nationals, we instill the value of determination, teamwork, and sportsmanship. This develops our athletes into champions inside and outside the ring.

    *Must be enrolled in a Black Belt Program.

  • Black Belt Program

    The primary focus of the Tigers Program is to develop listening and attention skills, following directions, basic motor skills, and to teach the core basics of Black Belt Training. On average, this Program takes 2 years to complete. Upon completion, your Tiger will be eligible to move up to the Junior Program and continue his/ her quest toward Black Belt.

    JUNIORS PROGRAM (Ages 8-12)
    The primary focus of the Junior Program is to develop Self Confidence, Self Discipline, Physical Fitness, and Self-Defense. Our Goal is to make sure your Junior believes in himself, can handle responsibility without constant instruction, takes pride in his physical appearance and performance capabilities, and most importantly, gains the confidence to stand up for himself, and can successfully defend himself if necessary.

    TEENS PROGRAM (13- 17)
    Teens are ready to take on the world. With that in mind, the primary focus is to give them the tools and the confidence to set and achieve their Goals. Teens must be able to mentally and physically defend themselves as well as understand the value of presenting themselves as professionals. Black Belt Training will instill in these young adults the value of perseverance and the rewards of personal commitment. ​Our training motto is: The Goals we set are the Goals we get!

    Curb your apprehension and jump in the mix! This Program is designed to break you out of your normal routine and into a physically fit, fully confident, totally motivated you. Black Belt Training is second to none in bringing out the absolute best in its students. Regardless of what you think you can or can’t do, Black Belt Training will help you tear down mental walls and build your determination toward goals you thought were impossible. Take control of your life and take the first step!

    ​Why sit and watch when you can share the journey together with your family on the training floor? Age groups are paired with similar age groups so that you can share the floor and the experience with your family while still receiving the training that will challenge and fit your needs. ​And it’s true: A family that kicks together sticks together!