About Master Killian

  • As a youngster, I lacked confidence and became the focus for bullies for several years. My parents explored the typical options for dealing with it, but it wasn’t until I enrolled in Martial Arts that everything started to change. Martial Arts taught me that having the Confidence to stand up for myself before it got to the point of being physical and knowing I could in fact protect myself if needs be, was the answer. Situations of potential bullying never stopped. However, how I put an end to it when it came around certainly did. My instructor taught me to believe in myself and even though I wasn’t the strongest, fastest, or most athletic, those characteristics didn’t take away from the value of being me. At the age of 12, I earned my Black Belt and the world opened up. When challenges came up, I faced them. When goals were written down, I attacked them. When I got knocked down, I got right back up and kept pushing. I was a bullied kid that was transformed into a Black Belt Leader and it fueled a relentless passion to inspire and motivate anyone and everyone to experience their own Black Belt success. I firmly believe that every student that walks into 5PEAKS isn’t here simply by chance. The world needs Black Belt Leaders. It doesn’t happen over night. It takes that first step. I’m excited about your potential and what you’ll be able to accomplish!

    ​Master M.Z Killian

  • The Academy

    5 PEAKS Martial Arts Academy takes absolute pride in welcoming new students from all walks of life. Regardless of your age, ability, or experience, 5PEAKS provides the tools for students to achieve ultimate Black Belt success. 5 PEAKS is a goal-oriented school; meaning, we will guide you step by step from one goal to the next as you make your journey toward Black Belt. As traditional schools are limited to traditional Self defense, Techniques, and Weapons Training, 5 PEAKS remains on the cutting edge by incorporating Ground Self Defense, Street Self Defense, Weapons Training, and Performance Martial Arts into its standard authorized tactics and strategies. ​Our goal is to be our community’s #1 resource for personal safety and self defense.

  • The Instructors

    We produce high quality students through high quality Instructors. Every Instructor is a proud graduate of our rigorous certification process. Our Instructors are professionals and take their roles seriously. 5 PEAKS Instructors have devoted their lives to motivating, encouraging, and developing their students into Black Belts. Their primary responsibility is to teach energetic classes, insure the knowledge is comprehensive, maintain good order and discipline, and by all means make sure the students have a blast!

  • The 5 Peaks Mission

    ​5 PEAKS is a Black Belt school. Our goal is to guide every student along the path from White Belt to Black Belt. Even though it is up to the student to accept the challenge, it is our duty to instill in each student the belief that he/ she can do it. There are 5 primary areas in which a student must be developed in order to reach Black Belt:

    1- Confidence- A Black Belt must have the Confidence to believe in himself/ herself and make the right choice when it may seem difficult.
    2- Discipline- A Black Belt must be able to follow directions without hesitation as well as make the right choice without instruction.
    3- Self Defense- A Black Belt must be able to defend himself/ herself and know how to avoid dangerous situations.
    4- Physical Fitness- A Black Belt must be, and stay, in peak physical condition.
    5- Leadership Skills- A Black Belt must be able to effectively Lead, Follow, and Assist in the spirit of Teamwork.

    ​By developing these 5 areas and achieving the rank of Black Belt, our Mission will be accomplished-​To make America strong one Black Belt at a time.

  • The Training

    5 PEAKS is designed and based on a 2-tiered system:

    World Taekwondo Federation (WTF)
    The WTF is the largest Martial Arts organization in the world. It is the hosting organization for Sport Taekwondo in the Olympics. The WTF is what governs the standards for Forms and Sparring.

    Amateur Athletic Union (AAU)
    The AAU is the organization in which we compete in Local, Regional, and National Competition. It’s second to none in family atmosphere while catering to absolute beginners as well as the elite.